Robbco Pumps announces Robbco Pump Selector, a powerful yet easy-to-use Windows and Internet-based pump sizing/selection software program. Using Robbco Pump Selector, users can quickly search across Robbco Pumps® centrifugal pump catalog to identify the "best pump" for the required application. Selections are based on a number of user inputs such as system design point, fluid properties, motor sizing, and NPSH calculations. Once a dynamic pump curve is generated, users have the ability to trim impeller diameters, adjust operating speeds, and view/save electronic curves and data sheet reports in a PDF format. Supporting documentation such as product specifications, dimensional drawings, cutaway views and engineering specifications can also be generated.

Other powerful features include a Total Head Calculator and the ability to send electronic "Request for Quote" packages directly to Robbco Pumps® sales office.

To get started simply choose from one of the following options. The download file will install on your personal computer. The Web-based option requires no software installation.


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